5Things: 6 Mar 2012

California’s Smallest Legal Apartment
“Small rooms and dwellings set the mind on the right path, large ones cause it to go astray,” so said Leonardo da Vinci. The smallest apartment allowable by law in San Francisco is 160 square feet. Take a tour. Frankly, the design seems like it’s still got a ways to go, and I’ve seen more impressive tiny apartments in Taipei. But it’s still worthwhile keeping an eye on the trend.

DIY Succulent Wreath
One thing I noticed since starting to live in the Bay Area is how lovely and full of variety succulents are, from the ubiquitous jade plants and prickly agaves to more exotic, interesting, downy-textured things. This project uses various different succulents to make a stunning living wreath. Want. Want. Want.

Hump Back Whale
Video that makes me happy: after a boat full of people helped cut free a humpback whale trapped in fishing nets, it happily jumped up in the air again and again…whether in joy or in thanks it’s impossible to say.

Golden Retriever Cleaning the House
Video that makes me happy 2: Grace the Golden Retriever cleans the house. She really seems to enjoy it too.

Book Innovation!
This is very clever: a bookmark that automatically marks your place in the book due to it’s structure. Must see to appreciate.

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